We don’t just protect your Identity.
YOU verify authorize and approve its usage

We don’t just think of money transaction, we look at all the aspects of you and your personally identifiable information (Pii). More importantly we eliminate the potential damage that may result from the misuse of your digital footprint, knowingly or unknowingly, Do you ever wonder what happens to your information such as a credit card given over the phone to complete a transaction? Or having it skimmed while you walk in the mall, mail thrown in the trash or even someone in disguise gaining access to your personal information?

vtex3 is a game changing solution, user controlled and user specific. Not just computer generated analytics it’s a unique algorithm specific to the user.

We simplified our process in 3 basic STEPS, User controlled, Pre-notification and Proactive Protection eliminating the need for the other 5 (**)

To learn more about the ONLY solution in the market, that provides power to the consumer in protecting his/her Identity